5 Aug 2012

  Working on a familytree + timeline project

After long busy days I am posting something to say what I am upto. Well, my academic project is in progress which covers everything that one would do to build a new web product. Starting from UX design to implementation. Here is just a screenshot of what I have done so far. ūüėÄ


will post the complete story as soon as I complete this.

2 Mar 2012

  Just dropping a FYI for no one :D

I used to have  main page before someone reach my blog which is about my random stuff (sometimes crappy).  But that had problem with firefox browser which rendered the page in a crazy way so I removed the main page honor for that 1 week effort. However I am thinking that in the near future ( just end of march may be) I  would design a new page (HTML 5 excitement! ) and as usual my simplicity mantra!

13 Dec 2011

  UX engineering and myself

I think there would be a little bit improvement in my English( I hope so LOL), its obvious because am in UK now. I find it worth coming here to study about User eXperience Engineering (UXE). ūüôā

I was always desired to study about interesting stuff and voila UXE is very interesting. I find it very challenging especially when it comes to learn about Users who use the system (whatever system from consumer product to computer applications), because people are really different and their perception differs from each other. But there is always few common things across every human regardless of people who are little bit exceptional in few cases. This sound really weird or obvious . For instance, there are musics which everyone likes (e.g those which gets maximum hits on youtube) and few exceptional people say “that music sucks” , people are different across the world in culture, languages, or whatever. But what makes that music so popular or viral ? (You could guess lots of examples for viral musics – “why this kolaveri ?? ” LOL ) there would be something special about the music, either the music which gets people pumped up(happens across the culture) or the lyrics of the music(people who knows that language) is at its best or both together. It is all exciting when I think about these ! It is quiet interesting to learn about what makes people love things, give them satisfaction , they feel the¬†specialty¬†of the thing, hold strong in the memory, sentimental touch , or whatever that make people comfortable. ¬†Apart from these, there are few other stuff like safety , security, ergonomics, usability, simplicity ,how things are easier to understand,¬†easy¬†to follow and so on. There are many other things like methods to do research , get data about users, how to analyse them ,measure them, design , graphics, etc. All together I can call User Experience Engineering.

However, there are several myth about UXE, people usually misunderstand that it is all about designing UI for the applications. But this is just a small component of UXE, there is lot more including the stuff which I said above.

25 Nov 2011

  My Second OpenGL program – A Landscape

It took me a while learning about implementation of ¬†height map to generate landscapes in Opengl. NEHE production¬†portal is best to learn these stuff. So finally here is the¬†screenshot¬†of my landscape done using opengl program with c++. ūüôā

16 Nov 2011

  My first openGL program

Here is my first openGL program. It was very tricky to get things done on openGL api with c++.


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