26 Apr 2011

  My short experience on Second Life

What’s that Second Life (SL)? Well, a virtual world were people never die if they jump from the sky but feasibly they can fly! What else? People can virtually laugh, dance, cry, fight, ride on weird virtual animals, can change cloths, can get undressed, <<censored>>, can do anything they want. In short, good people do good things, bad people do bad things.

I was aware about Second Life a few years ago. It was during my college days, and poor me, I had a bad machine which didn’t met SL’s requirements. But I used to play There.com; another virtual world which is not exists anymore.  Okay, let me start sharing my SL experience.

Actually I brought a new laptop with damn cool hi-fi, super-duper, incredible, super cool, super-fast hardware configuration. This actually exceeded the SL requirements!! Cool huh!! Yes, I able play SL with 75 FPS even in full graphics configuration!

When I first time logged in, I didn’t find myself in the game but just an Egg. I able type something and then I typed, “where is me?” I got reply from someone saying “you are loading dude”. Then I waited for a few mins but I wasn’t loaded fully, and in the mean time I explored the features and navigations and found the graphics preference. I dragged the graphic level to “Ultra” mode. Then I turned into smoke and noticed super cool sunshine! Then I realised the awesomeness of SL (As well as my laptop’s hardware power!) Later, I found a person and he helped me and I followed his instructions then finally I got loaded (it means that my avatar got loaded!)

Gradually, I explored everything and got few free outfits (it requires some L$ to buy super cool outfits, L$ means Linda dollar. people must buy that with real money or earn by working virtual inside the SL, weird huh!)

Later after exploring for a week, I got few friends and they shared few places with me and I explored them. It seems to be great actually. There are virtual cities, virtual universities, Indian temple, virtual tai chi moves … Really awesome! If we use SL in right way, we can learn hell lot of things.

So, what I am trying to say is that; SL is cool, but not cool as compared to THERE.com where I had social fun than SL.  I feel SL is better in graphics, lots of things to explore and learn.

Few snaps … 🙂





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